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El No Hay Hector Suarez
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Añadido :24 Agosto 2008
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El \"No Hay\" H?ctor Suarez in a Cancelled Mexican TV Show of the 80\'s. \"En Vivo\" with Ricardo Rocha.Who uploaded this?First of all:You may know that I have more than 30 years making and teaching how to make Modelling Clay Sculptures.If you want to take a peek of some of my works you may take a look on:http://cronosmonterrey.foros.stAldo S?nchez SubjectHaciendo Figuras con Aldo Sub Subject(Or Just write on your browser : Haciendo Figuras con Aldo)Anyway you will find there some pictures. Also you may check on you Tube on the cronosmty account.If you have any comment or question I will be more than happy to respond as quickly as I can.I\'m MexicanI have an Italian name.Founded CRONOS Tiempo de Todo! (Time for all) back in 1997.http://cronosmonterrey.foros.st(Mostly in spanish but you may post there in english and I will answer ASAP)Have 2 kids.Love movies and Rock n RollI hate People that spend more time speaking than working.I Love cats.I read as much as I can.I write as much as I can.Sometimes for newspapers, sometimes the people of my city is very afraid of my visions and comments.Love swords. (Used to be a Knight in a past life)I love Resident Evil (Games, Books, movies, Toys)I was the first person to take to Monterrey Media the art of clay Modelling) http://miarroba.com/foros/ver.php?foroid=285436&temaid=14637 70I know that many people in my country hate me because of my beliefs and my rules of life. (But I don?t care, since they are not in my shoes)I Will Die Certainly Misunderstood But Surely My Work and Ideals Will Be Carried Away By My Children And My Pupils.You want to Know More?http://www.picturetrail.com/homepage/adtrawnhttp://www.myspace.com/aldotovarWrite \"cronosmty Aldo\" In your browser when visit Youtube.Aldo.aldocid@hotmail.com [Más] [Menos]
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